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... not damaged. No, you can't replace damaged ram slots from the motherboard. ... I would try to use the other slots or buy a new motherboard. Install memory in an iMac - Apple Support

How to Upgrade RAM on a Windows Laptop for Beginners: 13 Steps How to Upgrade RAM on a Windows Laptop for Beginners: The purpose of this Instructable is to show the non-tech oriented audience how simple and quick installing new RAM on a laptop is.RAM stands for Random Access Memory and it's used by the … How to Install RAM (with Pictures) - wikiHow How to Install RAM. Has your computer started to feel a little sluggish? Maybe it's not performing like it used to, or can't keep up with the latest software? Upgrading your RAM (Random Access Memory) is one of the simplest and cheapest. Commodore 64 Architecture

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2 Ways To Check RAM Details From Command Line In Windows 10 We can easily check the details of RAM in Windows 10 using the Task Manager. The performance tab of task manager shows a majority of memory details including the total amount of RAM, how much is in use, committed/cached and paged/non-paged amount of RAM, RAM speed and frequency, form factor, hardware reserved and even how many slots are being used in the system. What Does the RAM Slot Color Coding on Motherboards Mean? The Answer. The answer is Yes, there is an order, and the details are found in your motherboard manual, which nearly always has detailed instructions for what order the memory slots should be filled, and which configurations will work, so you can simply put it in once and have it work, rather than: I just put the 2 RAM in,... How to Tell If You Can Upgrade Your Laptop

Ram slot why my motherboard cannot put 2 slot RAM? if i put double RAM128. It stil run RAM 96 only. please help me - Matsonic MS9158E+ Motherboard question

By any chance can we get RAM slot repaired? - TechSpot By any chance can we get RAM slot repaired? By sandeep_1 ... It worked exactly for 1 year I.e till warranty period within 1 month from the date my warranty expired one of my RAM's stopped working ... How to Upgrade the RAM (Memory) on a Laptop Here is a step-by-step tutorial (with photos) on how to find the correct RAM upgrade for your laptop and how to physically install the memory. Can I replace a DDR2 RAM module with a DDR3 module? There are two slots in the RAM part. It says 766 MB usable ( which I think is because part of it goes to being the graphics card). The processor is an AMD Sempron(tm) SI-42 2.10 GHz. I wanted to upgrade the RAM to 2 GB with a new installation of one 1 GB RAM, but I was also wondering if I can replace the old 1 GB DDR2 with a new 2 GB DDR3 RAM ...

In the best-case scenario, you can replace both your RAM and storage drive. Upgrading from a mechanical hard drive to an SSD (solid state drive) will have an enormous impact on your performance, allowing you to boot, open applications and files, or switch tasks three to four times faster.

MacBook Pro: How to remove or install memory - Apple Support Mar 30, 2017 · If you need to remove a memory card—for example if you are replacing it or if you need to get past the memory in the top slot to access the bottom slot—you can remove the card by spreading the tabs on each side of the card away from the notches in the memory card. ASUS laptop has faulty on-board RAM. What can I do? | Tech

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Dell Latitude 5480 Disassembly (SSD, HDD, RAM Upgrade Options ... If necessary, you can add another DDR4 RAM. It has a WWAN M.2 slot but did not see the reserved antenna. The laptop comes with a PCIe M.2 SSD, read and write speed is very fast, by the way, you can install a 2.5-inch SATA hard drive. We get the Latitude 5480 is only equipped with a 42Wh battery, we tested in PCMark 8, we can get about 4 hours ... ASUS laptop has faulty on-board RAM. What can I do? | Tech ... may be there is a option to disable your on board ram. you can cut the specific pin connection to disable the ram. unfortunately i don't know those pin numbers. so you can check which are they. Cation: don't remove or cut other pin connection of your fixed ram, it will disable your open slot ram connection. thanks. How To Install RAM: A Step-By-Step Guide | Digital Trends

When I checked CPU-Z I noticed my RAM says single channel and that it is only at 400 MHz instead of 533. How do I make it dual channel and how do I bump up... can you replace ram slots? | Yahoo Answers Can you replace ram slots? my bro was trying to find out how much ram i had in my system, was a bit overzealous and broke the little white tab that holds the ram in the slot. its no biggie as i have two slots, but i ... We cannot change the RAM slot because it is directly build on Motherboard and once its broken.....u cant rebuild it with ...